We believe in the power of community and empowering neighbors to help one another. Together we are better. Together we do more than survive, we thrive.


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How Does This Work?

  1. Your non-profit organization registers with Donate Buy Real Estate.
  2. Your network refers Team Roberts to family and friends to buy or sale Real Estate.
  3. After closing Team Roberts will donate 20% of their profit.
  4. Repeat $, Repeat $, Repeat $.

It’s that simple!

What Are The Benefits?

Parents, families and neighbors are bombarded with requests for contributions through schools, extra-curricular activities and churches. With Donate Buy Real Estate we are able to offer the following benefits:
• Limited time involvement

• No door to door sales

• No collecting money

• No deliveries to make

• Unlimited fund raising potential

Who Is Team Roberts?

Team Roberts is a multi-award winning Real Estate team with years of experience.

Our passion is giving back by helping non-profits raise money and families achieve home ownership.


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